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October 24th Dinner
October 8, 2008, 10:37 pm
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Dinners are Back!

The rumors are true. Thirsty Thursdays are back! Except they’re not on Thursdays anymore. I have a new job. This job keeps me slingin’ kinves and fancy stockpots ’till pretty late so I had to move it to Fearless Friday. The formula is more or less the same, 4-ish courses carefully paired with 4-ish craft beers, all to be enjoyed in the comforts of my home in Williamsburg.  Not to be confined by the Christian calendar, I have given the dinners a more neutral name. They will be named for the blog they are featured on: The Butter Machine.

Which conveniently brings me to my next point. The Butter Machine is redefining itself. Or rather, clarifying itself. I had two separate blogs, one for talking out loud and the other for my supper club. I had a ‘duh’ moment when my housemate pointed out that most of what I like to write/talk about was food related anyway, so why not make a webby home for both? K. Done.

I graduated with a degree of sorts (in that it was a real diploma but was also round. Hampshire College is like that.) in Literary Journalism and Documentary Studies. So while I mostly wrote (don’t judge me by my punctuation use, plz. ) I also took some pictures, produced a few audio pieces and bound a book or two. Hopefully, The Butter Machine will be multi-faceted in that way as well as cover a variety of story types. I mean, cook-offs are great and all (especially the ones coming up. Watch out Hipsterville!) but there are other, more worldly issues to write about as well.

That’s it. Comment away and stop by for dinner, maybe.

Oh and my next dinner is October 24th. Which was why I was writing this post in the first place.  E-mail me to reserve a spot.



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