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Fall Cookery
October 16, 2008, 11:23 pm
Filed under: basics

When late July rolls into New York City, I can be found dodging the heat under a tree with banged up knees and bicycle greased ankles enjoying a Jersey peach.  Or a tomato, eating it like a peach.  I have no shame in confessing to eating 2 to 3 of them a day.

I love fall food. I love summer, too.
There is, however, a downside to that immediate gratification. Summer produce can only really last for so long.  Tomatoes can’t be stored in the fridge and with the humidity (and requisite fruit flies) their shelf life is pretty short.  Come October the nights dip into the 50’s, I can start storing my produce outside. Splintery wooden wine boxes now line my back porch, brimming with late season tomatoes, peppers, kale, beets and apples.  Storing these guys outside will definitely extend their lives (which is really fine, considering that plants do spend most of their time outside.)  And even better suited to cold, dry days are the potatoes and squash to come!  Which means more freezer space for ice cream.

This post will go over the basics of:

-How to shop the fall NY farmer’s market
-How to store your goods
-How to use the leftovers: making jams, jellies and pickles!


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