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November 19, 2008, 11:40 am
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Hello my friends! Just a quick shout-out and huge thank you to everyone who made it out to the last buttermachine gig. Food was tasty, the beverages equally so and the company even MORE so. We also now have an official initiation ritual.

Now before I get into a lengthier blog post tonight, I wanted to quickly post two awesome beer/brooklyn events I discovered via this morning’s Brooklyn Based.

Barrette in Proscpect Heights (couldn’t find their official page) is having a monthly installment of $25 beer and food pairings! Chef Johannes Sanzin (of Fort Greene’s Olea, Pequena and Maggie Brown) whips up three courses to enjoy alongside cold ones from the New Hampshire Pennichuck Brewery. Brooklyn Based says reservations are recommended; walk-ins welcome.

Next is Cobble Hill’s Bar Great Harry. (ps- where did all these great bars come from and how did I not know about them?). Tuesday, at 6pm, the bar surrenders half its 12 taps to Sixpoint! Meat and cheese at no extra charge! I just checked their blog and they have my fave beer of all times on tap. Which is totally strange because according to their website they don’t even ship to New York. A mystery!


‘Tis the Season
November 12, 2008, 2:35 am
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tap it


I know.  I have a lot of blogging catch-up to do.  The pictures from last dinner haven’t been posted (well there’s one—see the header) and my number of culinary adventures, disasters and mishaps is growing (while the hours of sleep are dwindling).  And wasn’t this the point of starting a blog in the first place—
to share words and wisdom of all things delicious?  I blame sausage stuffing,
a casserole cook-off, beer pairing, canning, a cooking-dating show and the family of mice living behind my stove.

However, gripped by the warm and fuzzy spirit of this past week’s political victories as well as the anticipation of upcoming family feasts, I am throwing together a not-so-secret-very-last-minute butter machine dinner!

Now, before you turn your pockets inside out—I need to inform you that this dinner is a little different.  And if all goes well, it may become the new butter machine dinner formula.

The Deal: This Friday, November 14th, 8pm. Four courses. Thirty bucks.  The catch?  You pick the beers.

Tonight I’ll be posting the menu as well as style of beer recommended for each course.  Then you can pick a dish and shoot me an e-mail (I can also answer any questions) on what you’re bringing.  Participation is fun!

Figure you’re quenching the thirst of 12 folks, each guest receiving 4-6 oz. of beer.  Which, if my math is correct, means you’d have to bring four or so beers.  We can all then swap and sip and trade and it will be very fun, I think.  You’re only limited to the type of beer posted, though you will get extra brownie points if it’s from one of Brooklyn’s own breweries (Kelso, Six Point and the Brooklyn Brewery).

So, before we all take off in pursuit of dried out turkey and fruitcake, I invite you to shake out the tablecloth one last time.  I have lots of thanks to give (to the friends I know and the ones I haven’t met yet) and a lot of food to share.

Oh yea, check the next page for the menu.


photo credit: Lily ‘don’t touch that dial’ Frances Henderson.

Give Thanks
November 12, 2008, 2:22 am
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On the Table:

House Bread
Roasted Peanuts

Salvatore Ricotta,
Kiawe White Hawaiian Honey, Sea Salt

recommended beer: hefeweizen

Root Vegetable Hash
Brooklyn Lager, Apple Chips, Parsnip Ribbons

recommended beer: amber lager or brown ale


Pancetta, Cider Brown Butter, Granny Smiths

recommended beer: belgian blonde

Pumpkin Pots de Crème
Amaretti, Candied Ginger, Earl Grey Ice Cream

recommended beer: chocolate stout, strong ale or porter