the butter machine



The Writer, Cook and Soda Jerk

Current culinary heartthrobs: Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, Sullivan Street ciabatta, Salvatore ricotta and tomato jam. Hit me up here: thirstyonthursday at

The Pup
Madeline. Favorite snacks include beer, popcorn and carrots.  Favorite pastimes include: romps in the park, knocking over the trash and catching flies.

The Photographer

Her name is Lily Henderson. She enjoys making documentaries, eating my bread and feeding Maddy under the table. She’s the one snapping photos for the site.


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Hi Lila! Love you blog! Looking forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving. If Eyal and I wanted to come to one of your dinners with a few friends would that be good? How much do you charge? (we also tip well) sounds like fun and my friends thought so too. Lemmee know when you can. Love and hugs, aunt Lisa

Comment by Lisa Granot

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