the butter machine


The Butter Machine comes in two acts: the legible and the edible.

Read it.

The Butter Machine is a small digital publication celebrating all things delicious/Brooklyn.  Be it in my kitchen, in my community or on my table.

My office is the small artists’ collective where I live and the even smaller kitchen where I cook in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
When I’m not typing/cooking, I sling knives here.

counter space

Eat it.

This is for when we get sick of talking about food and would rather eat it instead.

What: A table for friends (and friends of friends) to enjoy a market driven menu with a focus on fine beer.  Every guest is assigned a course with a geeky explanation of what type of beer they should bring to share.  I have found this method to be cheaper, tastier and way more fun.

When: On Fridays.  Check the calendar.

How: $30.  Service for 12 through reservations only.  Bailouts require 48 hours notice.  (I cannot refund last minute cancellations, sorry!)  Refrigeration is available if you’d like to bring additional beverages.

Why: New friends, new beers.  A place to stay warm.

Our menu is almost entirely locally sourced, of which approximately 90% is either recycled or composted. Sometimes there’s meat, a lot of times there isn’t.  Let us know if you’ve got an allergy or major aversion.

I also have a dog.  She’s usually no trouble and can pretty much charm her way out of any pickle she’s gotten herself into.  However, do let me know if you’ve got allergies.


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